Maison Rostang Paris in the heart of a 5-star hotel

In the heart of the capital, Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf is a charming establishment that spares no detail. Couple your stay with a table at the gourmet restaurant Odette by Maison Rostang and spend a dream stay in the City of Light!

Luxury hotel and Maison Rostang Paris to fill up with flavours!

You have every reason to book a room or suite at Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf for your business or tourist stay in Paris. For the cultural life and the proximity to the centre of the capital of course! But not only that. Paris is one of the most vibrant cities on the old continent. A dazzling capital that you can take the time to discover through its districts, monuments, museums and restaurants. 

This 5-star Parisian house invites you to book a table in their restaurant Odette by Maison Rostang. After all, how can we talk about Paris without mentioning the subtleties of French gastronomy ? The Parisian culinary scene is worthy of its reputation. Listen to your stomach and embark on a first-class taste trip to Maison Rostang !

Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf and Maison Rostang Paris: a combination of prestige and gourmet treats

In your comfortable suite at Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf, you will quickly feel at home. Take your time in this sublime elegant Belle Époque style house, ideally located between the right and left banks of the Seine. You will stay near the historic districts of Le Marais and Saint-Germain. The Odette restaurant by Maison Rostang Paris that awaits you. The Pont-Neuf is a reflection of the best that is being done in the French capital and even in France. 

Feel the authenticity and grandeur of the place where you stay by passing from the charms of the establishment to the wonders of the Louvre and the flavours of the Maison Rostang Paris, in the gourmet restaurant Odette, overlooked by the famous chef Michel Rostang. With the indoor swimming pool, the softness of the hammam and the complexity of the sensory shower, modernity is also at hand. Enjoy a pleasant and inspiring environment!

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