A 5 star luxury hotel in Paris? Discover the Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf

There are many 5-star luxury hotels in Paris, but there is only one that has the charm, facilities and style of the Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf.

High-end hotel in Paris 1st, discover its facilities

To say that the Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf is an upscale hotel in Paris 1er, we can rely on many proofs. The first is simply the charm of its rooms, open to the rooftops of Paris, offering the comfort of a bourgeois house with the amenities of a room in a 5-star luxury hotel in Paris. The fabrics, the furniture, the colors chosen, the arrangement of each element of the decor breathe both elegance and a certain conception of beauty. In this 5 star hotel in the heart of Paris, you have no hesitation, you know you are in a privileged place.

Luxury hotel near the Louvre, more than a chic address in the heart of Paris

To charm you, this 5 star luxury hotel in Paris has several assets. The first is unquestionably the district. Your immediate vicinity consists of the Louvre, the Champs-Élysées, the Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the Samaritaine. You still have all the other arrondissements of Paris to choose from, but just outside your room there is enough to satisfy your tourist expectations.

But don't forget that Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf is above all a luxury spa hotel in Paris. An indoor pool, a hammam, treatment rooms, a Jacuzzi, a fitness area, this set offers a place to come and relax, and especially take time for yourself. It also brings a sophistication to this House that we can only appreciate.

Finally, this 5 star hotel next to the Louvre is also a gourmet restaurant. L'Odette, it's a spirit of Auberge Urbaine, it's the product of the soil above all, we find the greediness of the home-made and the pleasure of a restaurant room of a great elegance. With all these arguments, you now know which is your next 5 star luxury hotel in Paris.

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